THS Band – HEB ISD updated VIPS Info!!

Important info from the HEB ISD VIPS webpage:


The new VIPS online background check system is up and running.


Before you attempt to conduct a background check, click this link and read specific instructions on how to proceed.


There will also be information on what the role of Positive Proof will be now that our background check system is online again.

Additional notes for our boosters:

The file is also attached to this email.

If you were not able to complete or update your background check before the system went down back in August, please make it a priority to get your background check done and have your badge made.

And please begin (or continue) logging your volunteer hours!  (remember that attendance at booster meetings and the value of donations count, too.)

Thanks for all you do.


pdf icon NEW_VIPS_Background_Check_Information-Revised.pdf

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