Trinity Trojan Band Fundraisers

Please continue to check back regularly as fundraisers are added and updated throughout the year…….  there are still a few fundraisers scheduled that are still in the planning stages.

Restaurant Night Fundraisers

Throughout the year, participate in restaurant nights where you can take the family out to dinner to local restaurants and the Trinity Band will receive a percentage back on the sale.  More information to come on dates and restaurants.
(All proceeds go toward the Trinity Band Council)

Friday Game Night Meals

On football game days that fall on a Friday, the Band Council will be offering meals for students to purchase.  The meals will be  be purchased during the week and will be delivered after school on Friday to students in the Band Hall.  Purchasing a meal is highly recommended due to the time constraints between the end of school and practice time prior to the game.  The Band Council will make announcements about price and the restaurant they choose.
(All proceeds go toward the Trinity Band Council)

“Prize a Day” Calendar Fundraiser – August

The Prize a Day Calendar was a huge success this last year.  Daily drawings for the calendar will begin on Sept 1st and will be posted on the front page of our website.

“Prize a Day” Calendars will go on sale August 7th.  The Trinity Band Council is working hard this summer to collect great prizes from local businesses (restaurants, shops, etc) to be added as prizes.

Each band student will be given ten calendars to sell at $10.00 each….for every calendar sold, $7.00 will go toward the individual student band account….that’s a potential of $70.00 that will go directly toward band dues.   If a student sells ten calendars, they can request more to sell.

Participants buying calendars will have the opportunity to win great prizes on a daily basis.  Daily drawings will begin September 1st and winner names will be posted on the band website daily.  Remember, if your name is picked as a winner, your name goes back in the “box” , so you could win another day….

Silent Auction Gift Baskets – At Band Christmas Concert in December

The Band Council will be collecting items to make themed gift baskets to sell during the Christmas Concert in December. Sign up sheets will be available at each basket and the basket winner will go toward the highest bidder.  The baskets are also great Christmas gifts.
(All proceeds go toward the Band Council)

Tom Thumb/Safeway Grocery

If you shop at Tom Thumb/Safeway, the Trinity Band can earn money via Tom Thumb’s Good Neighbor Program.  Link your rewards card with the Trinity Band as your charity (Trinity Band ID # is 523) and the Band will receive a percentage of what you purchase.  Friends and family out of town can do the same.  Please register via the link below, click on “click her for a Good Neighbor Program Link Form” fill out and drop off at your local Tom Thumb/Safeway story.  The Trinity Band will receive quarterly checks from Tom Thumb/Safeway.

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