CHARMS helps us maintain important information about your student, track band fees, and helps us stay in contact with you.  The Directors and Booster Club use CHARMS to send out important information about band events, so we ask that you update the contact information tab and please make sure the parent information is current and up to date.

  • Please click on the CHARMS attachment below to take you to the website
  • Place your mouse over the “Enter” button at the top right side of the page and click on “Parents/Students/Members”
  • Enter TrinityHSBand as the School Code
  • Enter Student Password

CHARMS Member Login


Please log-in your volunteer hours to VIPS.  The HEB ISD has set a goal for this year to reach 625,000 volunteer hours.  Many campuses have “friendly competitions” against each other to see who has the most volunteer hours.  More importantly, the main objective of VIPS is to positively impact student achievement.

Please get started by completing the Background Check below (to ensure safety of all students) and begin filling out your volunteer hours by clicking the VIPS attachment.

VIPS Background Check

 VIPS Homepage

VIPS User Login

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