Message from the Band Booster President


I want to give my sincerest thanks to all Trinity Trojan Band Parents. For those who helped plan the trip, to those that helped with props (any night), those that passed out water at the games, while the band received valuable practice on the field in pressure situations, to those parents who donated time and food to feed these wonderful band students on competition Saturdays, To he parents who behind the scenes do the work that no one sees, like the team that puts the bleacher covers on at every stadium before the band athletes arrive, I thank you.
To the uniform moms who kept the band athletes dressed and looking great, and the parents who washed and ironed the uniforms, I thank you.
To the parents who came with us on the trip, worried about each band athlete as they got on, rode, and got off each of the busses. They kept the kids counted, and positive on the trip, and took pictures at every venue they could to record this adventure, I thank you.
To the truck drivers who drove our instruments, props, and gear all the way, without you would not have had the show we did, I thank you!
To those who attended the on-line presentation in the Band hall to cheer the band on Saturday morning, we could feel it all the way in cold, and wet Atlanta, I thank you.
To those parents that let your “soon to be” Trinity Trojan Band Athlete come along on the trip, (prop people), I thank you.
To the directors who coached and taught our Band Athletes this wonderful show, I thank you.
To the Booster board who took all of the hurdles that come with a trip like this, in stride, adapted and overcame, I thank you!
I have never been involved with a group of this size or magnitude, they showed as much love and concern for each other, and the Band Athletes as I have ever seen, I thank you all.
If you have made a connection with a new person, either on the trip or before, you are a lucky person. You have made a friend for a long time. You have a connection at the level of the heart. You sacrifice yourself for the good of the Trinity Trojan Band, and I thank you.
If I didn’t mention the group you are involved with, let me take this time to say THANK YOU! The saying is “It takes a village” well our village is a wonderful place to be full of people who truly care for the Trinity Trojan band athletes. We are all truly blessed by the presence and love of the person next to us each time we are in formation, riding the bus, passing out food, washing uniforms, building a prop, or simply watching the show. I want to thank you all!
I have closed each of the parent meeting with these words “I love you all.” And I truly do! I love all of these Band Athletes as if they were my own, I want them to have a memory of this year and every year after.. They are at the age where they will be able to tell their children “I remember when our band went to BOA in Atlanta.” And then the stories will flood back to them.
In closing, I will say thank you again! I love you all!

Wes Hanna
Trinity Trojan Band Booster President.

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:
Trinity High School Band
500 N Industrial blvd.
Euless, TX 76039

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