Summer Band Camp
Rookies/Leaders – July 28, 2016 @7am
Everyone – August 1, 2016 @7am

2016 June-Camp-Flyer

Linked flyer above has all the info you need and was given to each new student in their tryout packet with info for both the Registration Day and June Camp.

Items worth noting:

Medical Information Form
Release and Consent Form (can also print out to pre-fill)
Dues Schedule / Financial Agreement
Band Parent Handbook
Other forms found HERE
– Marching Band: Comfortable clothing (shorts, white t-shirt, socks and sneakers…no sandals or flip flops). Also would suggest sun glasses and possibly a hat.  Sunscreen as well.
– Marching Band: Showing up at 8AM (or whenever start time is) when camp activities start, is showing up late. 🙂  General rule of thumb, early is on time. Suggest arriving 20-30 minutes prior so students have a chance to prepare their instruments and their mindset!
– Marching Band: What’s been noted is bringing a water bottle. That would not be a small, single water bottle, but suggested to bring a thermos style container or 1L or larger for water.  New students will be provided their official THS Band thermoses later in August Camp…which is treated as part of their uniform.  The Band Hall does have an ice machine and water fountains. BUT…experience advice, is to prefill your thermos or container half full with water the night before, and place in your freezer. Then in the morning before you leave, fill up the rest of it with water. That way, it’s ready, and chilled, for use during outside activities.
– Marching Band: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking water is not just good for your body and mind at all times, but getting the body used to water will allow students to be prepared for outdoor activities and not be unprepared for any physical activities or heat. Staying away from thicker liquids like milk and sugary drinks is a must.  Breakfast items should be around smarter choices like Oatmeals and fruits…and away from sugary items like cereal (especially the junky cereals). Good practice with hydration, is to drink water thru out the day and into evening hours, and when students wake up, drink water while they get ready in he morning, as well as on the way to Band will allow them to be fully prepared when activities start.  Drinking water when they get to the Band Practices and when they start their activities is usually too late as hydration does take a bit of time to hit the body.

This is an exciting time! Students are entering a new phase in their life. They will begin to mature, grow and develop fast. They will learn new things as well as new responsibilities. There are many opportunities for Parent involvement! Please don’t miss this chance to be there to support the kids and experience your child’s development in this new phase.  Before you know it, they are graduating HS and you’ll wonder where the time has gone!  Please talk with the other veteran Band Parents and/or the Booster board for involvement opportunities!

Announcing the
2016-2017 Trinity Band Officers!

Jalen Montgomery

Vice President
Patricia Gonzales

Emily Collins

Lina Kadhim
Matthew Longwell
Nick Price
Sierra Epperson

2016-2017 Trinity Drum Majors

Head Drum Major – Jiaxuan Li
1st Assistant – Ray Criswell
2nd Assistant – Kimberly Chio
3rd Assistant – Michael Youngs



2016-2017 Online Band Calendar

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